EVSW 2019 – Our conference in Poland


Under the slogan «Discover Your Talent» together with Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych w Rzeszowie we organized an international conference as part of European Vocational Skills Week 2019.

The purpose of the meeting was to present the professional skills acquired by students during international internships and show the development opportunities offered by mobility projects, the multitude of experiences and challenges that build young people.


The conference was opened by director of Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych w Rzeszowie, Mrs. Grażyna Sabik, who talked about, among other things, how the possibility of sending students abroad to do internships changed the school, youth and teachers. The school started with four students doing internships in Munich, now 45-50 people go to Spain, Portugal, Germany and Slovakia each year. 

The director of Universal Mobility, Magdalena Adamczyk pointed out not only the organizational, but also the culture-forming role of the intermediary institution, which not only provides work placements and accommodation, but also tries to familiarize trainees with the tradition, history and culture of the country in which they reside. 

Conference participants listened to the presentation of students from Zespoł Szkół nr 1 w Sanoku, Vocational Education Center in Stalowa Wola, Centrum Edukacji Zawodowej w Stalowej Woli, Zespół Szkół Spożywczych w Rzeszowie and Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych w Rzeszowie, who took part in foreign internships.

Our coach, Anna Łuszcz, gave the lecture on management of professional and personal skills.

The workshops was led during the conference for people interested in participating in the Erasmus + program: Tomasz Marmaj led workshops on project stages and Patrycja Pilarek on how to submit an application for participation in Erasmus +.

We would like to thank the co-organizers of our event:

Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych w Rzeszowie, specially to:

  • school head teacher Grażyna Sabik
  • teachers, particularly to Anna Piołunkowska and Tomasz Marmaj
  • and students who took an active part in organizing the event

We are grateful to our guests:

  • School head teacher Katarzyna Nowak and teachers and students from Zespół Szkół Spożywczych w Rzeszowie
  • Anna Gadomska and students from Centrum Edukacji Zawodowej w Stalowej Woli
  • Jolanta Urbanek & Agata Kostrzewa from Zespół Szkół Zawodowych nr 1 – Budowlanka w Skierniewicach 
  • Anna Kolano school head teacher fro Zespół Szkół w Sokołowie Małopolskim 
  • Sławomir Słyś from Zespół Szkół Zawodowych Pustków Osiedle
  • Students and teachers from Obchodna Akademia w Koszycach
  • Representatives of Urząd Miasta Rzeszowa and Powiatowy Urzędu Pracy
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