Welcome to the Universal Mobility team podcast! We are a partner in Erasmus + projects in Spain and Italy. The podcast is to promote European programs, we want to show the great benefits of participating in such projects.

We want it to be a space to share experiences, provide advice and information on how to start participating, write, implement a project, what it is like to go on such a project. During the next episodes, we will talk with people who write projects, with project coordinators, people who look after groups during mobilities, with participants, as well as people who deal with the organization from the other, foreign side. We will talk about what to pay attention to, give good, proven advice, and show how great benefits are the participation in Erasmus + mobility.

Since we are also a partner in training projects for adults, we also want to share our knowledge in the field of psychology and soft skills, therefore we will discuss topics related to tolerance, openness, working with a group, finding yourself in a new place or situation, etc.

Episodes will be recorded in various languages: Polish, English, Czech and Spanish. We want our listeners to create this podcast with us, so if you have any suggestions on what topics you would like to discuss, please write to us at

We are very pleased that you are and hope You will stay with us!

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The local customs, or what may surprise you after you come to Spain.

Internships abroad are not only work, it is first and foremost dealing with a different environment, observing a foreign culture, comparing different habits with ours, and also deciding what to take with us and what we don’t like.

To make it easier for you, we have collected a few customs that you will probably encounter when visiting Spain. Some may really surprise you, so don’t hesitate, listen to the podcast and be prepared!

The podcast is in Polish.


With this episode, we want to start a podcast series about the Universal Mobility team. Some of you know us, but mainly from the professional side, we want to introduce ourselves to you also from the private side. We will tell you about how we ended up in Spain, what is our passion, what we like to do when we are not working. In this episode, we talk with Magda Adamczyk, Project Director at UM.

The podcast is in Polish. Enjoy!


Participating in programs such as Erasmus + has many benefits both during and after the project. What are the benefits? We asked Magdalena Domska, coordinator of Erasmus + programs, with great experience that she sheared with us.

We invite you to listen to the podcast


We invite you to the next episode of the Educational Programs by Universal Mobility podcast. This time, we had a conversation with Anna Dul, Project Coordinator from Stalowa Wola in Poland. Anna was the coordinator and supervisor of two mobility for youth in Granada, she also submits further projects for both students and teachers under the Erasmus + program. She shared with us her valuable experience in the field of writing, assembling and implementing the project. Regardless of whether you have already done a project or are still considering it, this episode is for you.

The podcast is in Polish!


We invite you to listen to the first episode of the EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS BY UNIVERSAL MOBILITY podcast. We want to introduce ourselves in it and tell you a little about our activities, as well as what topics we want to cover in the next episodes. Remember that this podcast is for you and you can contribute to it by suggesting topics that interest you, to do so, write to us at

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