Six months of study abroad equals four years of normal life. Benefits of mobility programs.


In PubliEspecial Educación, the special edition of the most widely read Spanish newspaper, El Pais, Armango Aguilar presents the benefits of learning abroad.

One of the first positive aspects highlighted by experts from the different universities participating in mobility programes is the simple (but essential) fact of discovering a new culture: from team working with local students to going to buy food, each situation they face or person with whom the students interact enriches their conception of the world and allows them to develop new ways of thinking. – explains Aguilar.

An interesting observation is also this comparison: Six months of study abroad equals four years of normal life. Of course it is not an exact measurement, each student will return with different levels of maturity, but what is irrefutable is that everyone will return home being better people and professionals.

Moreover, in El Pais, attention was paid to the improvement of the situation on the labor market of people who had been abroad for some time. It is no secret that an international experience has an effective impact on the future employability of graduates.

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